Holiday Travel with Hearing Aids: Do’s and Don’ts

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Holiday Travel with Hearing Aids: Do’s and Don’ts

Finally, the holiday season is here. It’s travel time. A chance to see relatives and friends. Exercise safety during these festivities, especially if you are traveling with hearing aids. These gadgets are an essential part of you to hear and interact freely with your environment.
Journeying could throw you off course until you inadequately prepare for the trip. You might end up forgetting your hearing aids or other essential accessories. However, you could exercise some dos and don’ts always help you travel smoothly. At all times, remember to observe these simple dos:

Buy Extra Batteries

It is paramount to enjoy and interact with loved ones during festivities, and more so without any interference. You ought to have fun and interesting conversations catching up with friends or family. But you can’t do that if the hearing devices are dysfunctional. Therefore, ascertain that you buy extra batteries for emergencies. At all times, keep these batteries in a protected area to safeguard keep away damaging agents like water.

Carry a Dehumidifier

Humidity could be a slight issue at home, but in another area, you might be required to bring a dehumidifier. They are usually fairly cheap and worthwhile because they’ll safeguard your hearing gadgets from damage. You don’t have to suffer or miss out on anything, especially in coastal areas.

Carry Other Communications Tools

Before leaving, be sure to park some tools such as notebooks, pens, documents, or any other items that can help pass on your message. They might come in handy should the hearing gadgets fail to function. You can even install an app on the phone to help better communicate with people. You may also send texts to friends and family should if need be.Some things that you should refrain from doing include:

Leaving Your Hearing Gadgets Unprotected

These aids are fragile, and should not be left lying anywhere because it’s dangerous. At all times, safeguard them from dust or moisture damage by keeping them locked in a water-resistant cover. Ascertain they are well stored and in a dry area away from heat or water to secure the circuit system.

Remove Them During X-Ray Scans

If you are using an airport, always have your hearing gadgets. According to TSA, scanning X-Rays won’t ruin the devices. By removing them, you risk a lot since you could lose or damage them through moisture or heat exposure. Alert the guard you have hearing aids on if you feel alarmed.

Stop Cleaning Them

Being on vacation doesn’t mean you can stop cleaning your hearing aids. By not cleaning them, you are risking clogging them with wax or moisture. If you are not careful, you might end up missing out on fun conversations.

Remember to call your otolaryngologist if you face any difficulties hearing. The doctor will guide you through restoring the hearing gadgets or getting new ones. Here at Alabama Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, we are available to help you in the event you come across any challenges during the holidays.

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