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A sensation of dizziness, spinning or whirling for no reason refers to a condition called vertigo. Complications with the inner ear usually cause vertigo since the inner ear isn’t just useful for hearing, but balancing as well. Other symptoms of vertigo may include nausea, headache, blurred vision, ear pain, fainting, clumsiness, and more. However, constant dizziness can also be caused by a more serious, underlying medical condition. So if you are experiencing unexplained dizziness, it’s important to contact Alabama Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists for comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment options today.

Most Common Causes of Dizziness

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) –

The most common case of vertigo, BPPV occurs when tiny calcium crystals in the ear dislodge and roam freely throughout the ear. Although this condition is understood, there is not one known cause of BPPV and generally resolves in a few days. However, if BPPV is persistent, it can be treated by an exercise called the Epley Maneuver, suggested and performed by an Alabama ENT specialist.

Acoustic Neuroma –

This condition occurs when a harmless, or benign, growth develops on a nerve that connects the brain and the inner ear. This growth is generally slow growing and causes disruption of the inner ear’s communication to the brain, causing dizziness.

Inner Ear Infection –

An inner ear infection may carry a symptom of dizziness. Since there are many kinds of ear infections, it is important to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis so it doesn’t progress to further complications, such as permanent hearing loss.

Meniere’s Disease –

When an individual suffers from Meniere’s disease, they experience dizziness for up to an hour or longer. It also includes other symptoms, such as ringing in the ears, fullness sensation of the ear, or hearing loss. Alabama ENT specialists diagnose Meniere’s disease after excluding other ear complications. Although the cause and cure is unknown, medication, lifestyle and behavior alterations can help alleviate the frequency of the symptoms.

Contact Alabama Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists if you are experiencing constant or unexplained dizziness, so they can address your symptoms and provide you with an effective treatment option.  For more information, visit our blog!

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