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How To Protect Your Hearing

Unfortunately, science hasn’t yet found a way to restore your natural hearing after it’s been damaged over a lifetime. For this reason, it’s highly important to take steps to protect it. This can come in many different forms, however; just like the number of ways that your hearing can become damaged. Here are some effective


What You Should Know About Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the swelling or inflammation of the tissue which lines the sinuses. This can prevent infected fluids from draining, causing the infection to remain. There are several reasons that could lead to blockage in the sinuses, including the common cold, nasal polyps, deviated septum, and allergic rhinitis (swelling in the lining of the nose).


What You Should Know About Balloon Sinus Dilation

Commonly called the balloon sinuplasty, this treatment is recommended by ENT specialists as one of the preferred treatments for sinusitis. If you’ve never heard of it, then you’re not alone— most people experience mild sinusitis with a cold or flu and rarely need treatment beyond rest at home. However, sinusitis can exist on its own


Everyday Steps for Healthy Hearing

Although it might seem easy to protect your hearing over a lifetime, there are actually a lot of different things to consider when it comes to keeping yourself healthy. Your hearing can be affected by many different sources that you might not even notice, cumulatively damaging your hearing over many years. Here are some steps


What Happens When I See an Allergist?

Sometimes, you may go to the doctor if you are aware of what causes an allergy, like if you feel stuffed up when you pet a cat, or if you get hives after a bee sting. In other cases, you may be suffering from allergy symptoms without being aware of what causes the allergy. Even


Your Sinusitis Treatment Options

With sinusitis, it can be difficult to determine whether you might benefit from professional treatment or at-home methods. This is because sinusitis can range from uncomfortable to severe, and can have many different causes and associated symptoms. There are some remedies, however, that you should keep in mind as you schedule your appointment with our


Which Type of Allergy Testing is Best for Me?

As if managing allergies isn’t difficult enough, it can be especially so when you consider an allergy test to establish your allergies and treatment. Allergy testing can seem scary, but in the hands of a trained allergist or ENT specialist, it can be an accurate way to determine the best treatment plan for you. There


How Hearing Loss Affects Your Child

Even though hearing loss is most closely associated with the elderly, it can also affect children in ways you might not be aware of. This is because it can be difficult to tell if your child is having trouble hearing, since they may not be able to express it as well as older individuals. It’s


Why You Should Avoid At-Home Allergy Testing

If you believe that you have an allergy to something, it can be tempting to try out an allergy testing kit on your own time. They can be affordable and easily accessible, and some are even FDA-approved. However, there are many reasons why you should avoid these for your safety and health — here are


What Type of Sinusitis Do I Have?

Even if you’ve never heard the term, you’ve most likely experienced sinusitis. That’s because it’s common during a cold, but it can be long-term and occur on its own for some people. It can be difficult to determine, but your Tuscaloosa ENT specialist can help you pin down what might be causing your sinusitis (whether


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