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Summer Allergies: Fact Or Fiction?

Some people live under the misconception that allergies should be gone by the time summer rolls around. This is, however, one of the biggest myths surrounding allergies. While grass pollen may be gone by late June, other things that cause allergies often arise, making it hard to escape summer allergies. Are Allergies Less In The


What is a Hearing Aid & Picking the right one?

A hearing aid is a device that helps with hearing loss. These devices are commonly used to treat hearing loss because of their versatility and function. Most cases of hearing loss can be treated using a hearing aid, and in some cases, the device can restore the majority of your hearing when worn. Hearing aids


Top 5 Myths About Balloon Sinuplasty

Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection, affects the sinuses and is caused by inflammation. Many people suffer from chronic sinusitis, causing discomfort, pain and other uncomfortable symptoms affecting the nasal passageways. When the condition disrupts a person’s daily life or causes the quality of their life to decrease, they may opt for surgery to


Do You Really Have A Penicillin Allergy?

Around 10% of Americans have a documented penicillin allergy. You may be one of those, but you should have allergy testing to be sure. People that have been told they have a penicillin allergy often do not actually have an allergy. What Is Penicillin? Penicillin is a group of drugs known as beta-lactam antibiotics. In


How to Get Ahead on Spring Allergies

Spring is right around the corner, and with that comes allergy season. Allergy season can make you have symptoms like congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and several other symptoms that can interrupt your day-to-day activities. There are several things that you can do to help to improve your seasonal allergies. How To Lessen Your Seasonal Allergies


Do You Have Winter Allergies?

Many people who suffer from allergies get some reprieve when winter arrives. However, those with indoor allergies find no such relief. In fact, if you have such allergies, you may find that you’re even more miserable than during other times of the year. What Can Cause Winter Allergies? Once the temperatures dip and you run


7 Easy Fixes for Snoring

If you snore at least every once in a while, you’re among the 45% of adults in the U.S. who suffer from this issue. And if you’re not a snorer, you probably know someone who is. While your family and friends may tease you for your loud snoring, this is actually a serious condition that


When to see an ENT Specialists vs Primary Care Doctor

At some point in time, most people need to see a doctor. In fact, even the healthiest of people can develop issues that warrant medical attention. And depending on your symptoms, you might not know which type doctor you need to see. While all doctors are trained in general health issues, some specialize in certain


What to Know About Ragweed Allergies

Ragweed season occurs from the late summer into early fall. Starting sometime in August, around 23 million Americans have allergy symptoms from ragweed pollen. Those who have allergies and asthma may also have notable allergy symptoms as well. When ragweed plants release their pollen in the air, you may experience allergy symptoms. Usually, these continue


5 Signs You May Need Ear Tubes

Children that may develop prolonged ear infections can find refuge in using ear tubes. The remedy can as well work with adults who have the same condition. However, the procedure is rare with grown-ups as compared to the case of kids. How the Surgery Goes Myringotomy is a surgical procedure that involves making a minor


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