pediatric ear infections and ear tubes

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Middle ear infections are fairly common in children between 6 months and 2 years of age. They can be caused by different factors such as allergies, sinus infections, bacterial viruses or enlarged adenoids. Symptoms of an ear infection can mimic the symptoms of a cold or flu.

If your child:

  • Has a fever
  • Is irritable
  • Doesn’t seem to enjoy lying down
  • Pulls on his or her ears
  • Hearing concerns

It is important to have your child evaluated at Alabama Ear, Nose and Throat specialists if any of these symptoms are present. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to fight the infection, but if symptoms persist or frequent ear infections occur, your doctor may recommend ear tubes.

Ear tubes are inserted through the ear drum and have a number of functions. The tubes help with proper eustachian tube function by regulating middle ear pressure. Ear tubes can help prevent further ear infection and can relieve hearing loss that is caused by the accumulation of middle ear fluid.

To know if your child is a candidate for ear tubes and to learn about the benefits, contact Alabama Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists to schedule an appointment today.

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