Diagnosing ENT Disorders

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It can be tough trying to diagnose common ENT disorders such as allergies, sinus infections, or strep throat by yourself, since most of the symptoms are similar. Your Alabama ENT specialist has the tools, tests, and knowledge to accurately diagnose your ENT problems. Consult your Alabama physician for diagnoses of any ENT conditions.

Diagnosing Ear Infection

If you are experiencing any symptoms of an ear infection, your Alabama ENT physician will examine your ear and eardrum using an otoscope. Common infections include an ear infection, and swimmers ear. Signs of an ear infection include redness or swelling of the ear, and/or fluid discharge. Signs of “swimmers ear” include redness of the outer ear and ear canal, pus in the ear canal, and scaly or shedding skin.

Diagnosing Sinus Infection

If your Alabama ENT specialist believes you have a sinus infection, he or she will use an endoscope to better see any inflammation or discharge in your nose. He or she may also recommend X-rays or a CT scan if other tests are inconclusive.

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

You should consult your Alabama ENT specialist about sleep apnea if you snore, if anyone has ever told you that your stop breathing during your sleep, if you wake up drowsy, if you suffer from mood swings or depression, or if you wake up often during the night. These are all signs of sleep apnea, and your physician will want to gather this information. Your Alabama physician will check your mouth and throat for evidence of a blocked airway, like enlarged tonsils. A sleep study may also be necessary to confirm your diagnosis.

During a sleep study, you will spend the night in a sleep lab, where multiple factors are monitored as you sleep, such as the oxygen level in your blood, your brain activity, and your breathing and heart rate. Based on the study outcome, your physician will form an effective treatment plan.

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