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ENT Services in Birmingham, AL

At Alabama Ear Nose & Throat, a number of services are offered in case you suffer from an ear, nose or throat problem like tinnitus or sinusitis. These are common problems today and usually they require treatment after a correct and timely diagnosis. If your cold or cough and related symptoms do not go away after more than 10 days, you should visit our center in Birmingham. Our team is committed to prompt and accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for you and your loved ones.

Ear services

There are many reasons you might seek the services of an ENT for ear problems like hearing loss, dizziness, ear wax, ear infections, tinnitus, and hearing aid related issues. Our team offers instant diagnosis and the treatment gives long lasting relief. Here are the treatments you can choose from in Birmingham:

Nose and sinus services

Sinus issues can have severe symptoms and the cause can be a viral infection which may not clear merely with corticosteroids and antibiotics. This is when you will be referred to an ENT specialist. At the Alabama ENT center in Birmingham, we ensure your sinusitis is correctly diagnosed and then the best treatment is chosen. It is our endeavor to ensure you get relief from all sinus related symptoms like allergies and breathing issues so that you get long lasting relief with the treatment. Here are the nose and sinus services offered by us:

Throat services

There are many throat problems that may require you to see an ENT specialist. Our team of specialists helps you with throat issues like tonsils, sore throat, swallowing or voice disorders and adenoids. These days a common throat problem is snoring and sleep apnea which could be dangerous if left undiagnosed. Our center in Birmingham is dedicated to the correct diagnosis of your condition so that the best treatment can be determined. Here are the treatments offered at our center:

Head and neck services

Several head and neck services are offered at our Birmingham center so that you can get long lasting relief from your condition. Since so many people are getting thyroid and skin cancer today, it is essential that you get correct diagnosis and treatment. If you or a loved one requires analysis of cancer and biopsy in Birmingham, you will find the most experienced specialists at the Alabama ENT center. Here are the services you can choose from for head and neck services:

Pediatric services

If your child requires pediatric services, you should only trust the best in childcare diagnostics and treatment. Alabama ENT center in Birmingham is known for its speedy diagnosis as well as treatment in cases of pediatric ear tube and ear infections, tonsils, and allergies. Dr. Benoit and Dr. Shields are famed for their professionalism and patience, giving enough time to each patient so that they can understand their problem thoroughly. The reason why patients in Birmingham seek them out is because they know they are consulting specialists who will actually listen to them and not just give their opinions. The pediatric services offered in your area include:

About Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is a city that is located in the north central area of Alabama. It is the seat of Jefferson County and also the fifth largest and most populous county in Alabama. The culture of Birmingham has been molded by its deep South history and upper south influence. It is the entertainment and cultural capital of Alabama that includes many art galleries and the largest art museum in the Southeast, Birmingham Museum of Art. It is also home to the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, the historic Lyric Theater, Carver Theater, Birmingham Ballet and Opera Birmingham. You can also enjoy the numerous cultural festivals that showcase films, music and regional heritage. Filmmakers from across the globe bring their films to be viewed and judged at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.

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