ENT services in Brookwood, AL

At Alabama Ear Nose & Throat, we offer a wide range of ear, nose, and throat services to our patients in Brookwood to help with problems like dizziness or sinusitis. ENT problems have become quite common today, but with a quick and timely diagnosis and treatment, you can find relief. If you have been suffering from cold or cough symptoms beyond 10 days, then you should visit our ENT specialists. We offer all our patients accurate and prompt diagnosis and treatment to help you and your family.

Ear services

If you are looking for ENT services for problems with your ear including hearing loss, infections, ear wax, dizziness, tinnitus, or hearing aids issues, then you must visit Alabama Ear Nose & Throat. We are proficient with providing instant diagnosis and offering you long lasting relief from your problems. Here are the options our patients in Brookwood can choose from:

Nose and sinus services

When you suffer from sinusitis, it can mean that there is an underlying problem that you don’t know about. This may have been caused due to a viral infection that had not cleared with antibiotics and corticosteroids. This is when you are referred to an ENT specialist and we strive to give you the correct diagnosis and best treatment. When you consult our team of experts, we will offer you long-lasting relief from your allergies, bothersome symptoms, and breathing issues related to the sinuses. Here are the nose and sinus services you can choose from in Brookwood:

Throat services

For certain throat problems, you will have to consult an ENT specialist. At Alabama Ear, Nose, & Throat, we help you with treatments for issues like sore throat, adenoids, tonsils, swallowing problems, and voice disorders. One common throat issue these days is sleep apnea and snoring which can sometimes be dangerous when left undiagnosed and untreated. Our aim remains to get you a timely and correct diagnosis that is followed by the best treatment. Here are the throat treatments you can choose from in Brookwood:

Head and neck services

Thyroid and skin cancer has become a common diagnosis today, affecting thousands of people. It is imperative that it is diagnosed in a timely manner in addition to correct and timely treatment. You can benefit from a range of head and neck services at Alabama Ear, Nose & Throat in addition to cancer services. If you or your loved one is in need of cancer analysis or a biopsy, our center offers the most experienced specialists in Brookwood and surrounding areas. Here are the services you can choose from:

Pediatric services

When in need of pediatric services, you can get the best in childcare diagnostics and treatment at Alabama Ear, Nose & Throat center. We are sought after for our speedy diagnosis and successful treatment. You can consult our specialists if your child is suffering from an ear infection, allergies, or tonsillitis. Dr. Benoit and Dr. Shields are famous for their patience as well as personal attention that enables them to understand your problems clearly. They do not believe in offering their opinions but are known for their thorough professionalism where they give you sufficient time and listen to you. Undoubtedly then, parents trust them for the best in diagnosis and treatment. Here are the pediatric services you can choose from when in Brookwood:

About Brookwood, AL

Brookwood is a town in the Tuscaloosa County of Alabama. It is part of the Tuscaloosa, Alabama metropolitan statistical area and was incorporated in September of 1977. Visitors can enjoy the peace and tranquility of rural life in Brookwood. You will see mocking birds float across the hills and meadows, deer feeding on streets and spotted eagles soaring over the Black Warrior River. The river runs north to south through Tuscaloosa county near Brookwood and offers many opportunities for recreation to visitors like fishing, boating, swimming and picnicking. The area is also served by many fishing lakes too. If you are looking to camp, there are Federal campgrounds and the Tannehill Historical State Park nearby. Brookwood also offers extensive deer and turkey hunting.

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