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A number of services for ear, nose and throat problems like sinusitis or dizziness are offered at Alabama Ear Nose & Throat in Cottondale, AL. ENT issues are common problems today and timely diagnosis and correct treatment are offered at our office. If your cough or cold and any related symptoms stay for more than 10 days, you should visit one of our specialists in Cottondale. Our experts offer prompt and accurate diagnosis as well as the required treatment for you and your family.

Ear Services

You may seek ENT services for any ear problems like dizziness, hearing loss, ear wax, infections, tinnitus or issues related with hearing aids. The experts at our center provide instant diagnosis and give you relief that is long lasting. You can choose from the following treatments in Cottondale:

Nose and Sinus Services

Sinus issues can cause some severe symptoms. It could be caused by a viral infection which may not clear simply by taking corticosteroids and antibiotics. At this stage, you will be referred to an ENT specialist. At the Alabama ENT center in Cottondale, we make sure that your sinusitis is diagnosed correctly, and the best treatment is provided. We ensure that you get relief from your symptoms and any allergies and breathing issues to get you long term relief from the sinusitis treatment. You can choose from the following nose and sinus services:

Throat Services

Several throat issues may require that you visit an ENT specialist. We can help you with problems like sore throat, tonsils, adenoids, voice disorders and swallowing problems. Another common throat problem these days is snoring and sleep apnea and these can be dangerous if left undiagnosed and untreated. Our expert team in Cottondale is dedicated to the timely and correct diagnosis of your problems so that you get the required treatment. You can choose from the following throat treatments:

Head and Neck Services

Unfortunately, skin and thyroid cancer is affecting hundreds of thousands today and it is important that the diagnosis and treatment is correct as well as timely. We offer several head and neck services at our center in Cottondale other than cancer services as well. If you or a loved one requires a biopsy or cancer analysis, you will find expert and experienced specialists at our center. Here are the services you can benefit from:

Pediatric Services

We offer the best in childcare diagnostics and treatment when you require pediatric services in Cottondale. The Alabama Ear, Nose & Throat center is known for speedy diagnosis and treatment when your child suffers from any problems with the tonsils, allergies, or ear infections. Doctors Benoit and Shields are known for their patience and professionalism and giving sufficient time to each patient to understand the problem clearly. They are sought after as specialists who listens to their patients and do not simply offer opinions. Here are the pediatric services we offer at our center:

About Cottondale, AL

Cottondale is an unincorporated community in the Tuscaloosa County of Alabama; it is now encompassed in the eastern suburbs of Tuscaloosa. There are some alternative spellings for the city including Cotton Dale, Kennidale, Kennedale and Konnidale. It was the site of cotton mills where the Knights of Labor had some success in organizing drives in the late 1880s. Originally, it was known as Kennedale in honor of Joseph Kennedy who was one of the owners of a local cotton mill. It was in 1876, that the name was changed to Cottondale for the cotton mill.

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