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At Alabama Ear Nose & Throat, our specialists offer a selection of services for sinusitis including endoscopic sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty. Sinusitis is a common problem today and this is usually when your cold symptoms do not go away for more than 10 days. The inflamed sinuses cause painful symptoms and difficulty in breathing. Since the symptoms are similar to those of a cold and allergies, they often go undiagnosed. We at Alabama ENT in Tuscaloosa strive to offer prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment to you or a loved one.

Ear Services

There are several ear services offered at Alabama ENT including hearing loss care, relief from dizziness, hearing aids, ear wax relief, tinnitus aid and treatment for ear infections. You can be assured of the best care at out centers giving you a comprehensive diagnosis and long lasting relief. Patients in Tuscaloosa can opt for these services:

Nose and Sinus Services

Sinusitis has severe symptoms and can be caused by a viral infection which takes time to clear up. If the symptoms do not clear with antibiotics and corticosteroids alone, you will be referred to an ENT specialist. At Alabama ENT, we ensure your sinusitis is first correctly diagnosed before the correct course of treatment is determined. We will address all associated symptoms with your sinusitis like breathing problems and allergies while offering you long lasting relief. For their patients in Tuscaloosa, we offer the following nose and sinus services:

Throat Services

There are several throat problems due to which you might have to see an ENT specialist. At Alabama ENT, we help you deal with conditions like a sore throat, tonsils, voice disorders, swallowing disorders and adenoids. One of the common throat conditions these days is snoring problems and sleep apnea which can be a dangerous condition. We offer a diagnosis of your condition at our center in Tuscaloosa and offering the best treatments including:

Head and Neck Services

A number of head and neck services are offered by our experienced specialists to offer you relief from your conditions. With skin and thyroid cancer on the rise today, correct diagnosis and accurate treatment are of utmost importance. If you or a family member requires cancer analysis and biopsies in Tuscaloosa, then Alabama ENT is the most experienced center for you. Here are the services offered for head and neck:

Pediatric Services

When your child is in need of pediatric services, it is always important to trust only the finest in childcare diagnostics and treatment. Alabama ENT has been offering speedy diagnosis and treatment in cases of pediatric ear and ear tube infections, allergies, and tonsils in children. Dr. Shields and Dr. Benoit are known for their patience and professionalism; not only do they give enough time to each patient to understand their problem, you can be assured that they will actually listen to you rather than be opinionated. If you are looking for pediatric services in Tuscaloosa, you can choose from:

About Tuscaloosa, AL

Tuscaloosa is a city located in western Alabama. The history of the place is marked by Antebellum homes like the Battle-Friedman House and Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion. The Alabama Museum of Natural History features minerals and fossils while the Tuscaloosa Museum of Arts exhibits works by several renowned American artists. Tuscaloosa is also home to several performing arts organizations, most noticeably the Bama Theater which hosts film festivals, is the residence of the Tuscaloosa Children’s Theater Company and recently has been serving as a concert venue.

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