Can Your Child Swim with Ear Tubes?

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Can Your Child Swim with Ear Tubes?

Children are at a higher risk for earaches and ear infections, which are caused by a viral infection. If a child is suffering from frequent ear infections, ear tubes may be required to be placed into their eardrums. These tubes can assist in lessening these ear infections, and work by allowing normal pressure behind the eardrum, as well as allow drainage from the middle ear. However, they are often difficult to maintain due to the requirement that children must avoid getting water in their ears.

This can be a struggle in the summer months when children are often spending more time in the water. It is often recommended that children wear ear plugs when swimming to reduce the amount of water entering the ear, which many kids are opposed to. However, there is good news. A recent study stated that swimming in chlorinated water, which is clean, without ear plugs is safe for children with ear tubes. However, it is still important to wear ear plugs when swimming in lakes, rivers, ponds, or oceans due to the exposure to bacteria which can result in infections.

So, what if you do need to use ear plugs- what are your options? Ear plugs can be made of many things, including part of a cotton ball dipped in Vaseline, over the counter plugs, or custom ear plugs made specifically for the child’s ear. For extra protection, swim caps or swim headbands can be worn to reduce the chance of excess water entering the ear.

If your child is experiencing frequent or severe ear infections, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our specialists will create a plan to correct this issue to increase the quality of your child’s life.

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