How a Forecast Calendar Can Help Prepare you for Allergy Season

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How a Forecast Calendar Can Help Prepare you for Allergy Season

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how some months can be worse than others. With plants flowering at all different times during the year and mild Alabama winters, it’s hard to escape that stuffy nose. The best way to avoid pollen allergy symptoms is to stay prepared by using a forecast calendar.

How Can I Avoid Severe Allergy Symptoms?

The most important step you can take in avoiding severe allergy symptoms is planning ahead using a forecast calendar. Once you are aware of the season for your particular allergen you can plan accordingly to manage your symptoms. Although pollen forecast tools cannot definitively tell you when specific pollen is in the air, they are a great tool to guide you in your planning. Weather and temperature can either delay or accelerate the pollens’ presence in the air so it is important to use the forecast calendar loosely.

How Do I Use the Pollen Forecast Calendar?

The Pollen Forecast Calendar below is best used as a general guide to help you in planning. The calendar can help you determine when you should spend less time outside or at least pay special care that you are following your allergist’s directions for medication. These calendars should be used as a general forecast calendar due to the fact that  pollen dates vary somewhat from year to year and from location. Since Alabama has mild Winters and warmer temperatures in general, this in turn can affect the timeline you see on the forecast.

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