How Allergy Testing Works

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How Allergy Testing Works

If you’ve experienced allergies, you know that they can be a burden to treat and avoid. If you’ve never undergone an allergy test, though, you might be at a loss for how to do either. Our ENT specialists in Tuscaloosa offer allergy testing services that are accurate, effective, and can help guide your treatment options. It can seem a little scary from what you might have heard, but we take steps to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed. To ensure you’re educated and know what to expect, here’s what you should know about our allergy testing services. We also offer allergy treatment for children as well!

Skin Testing Procedures

Skin testing is one of the most common ways of testing for different allergens, as it’s easy to quickly measure the skin’s reaction to the allergen— and many different ones can be tested at the same time. This technique can carry the risk of severe reaction, though, so it should always be performed in the hands of an expert allergy specialist. This test is usually placed at the forearm or back, sometimes in a grid pattern to differentiate the allergens being tested. Any allergic reaction will usually result in swelling or redness from the allergen, and the specialist can closely observe which substances create which reaction. This can be performed through placing the substance on top of the skin, or injecting it into the skin.

Blood Testing Procedures

Although skin testing is preferred in many cases, there are situations in which blood testing is a better option. This technique involves a small blood sample that can be observed when exposed to allergens, and can even be further lab tested for more accurate results. This testing option can be preferable if it’s suspected you might sustain an extreme reaction to an allergen through a skin test or other exposure, although blood testing might not produce the immediate results of a skin test.

Are These Tests Dangerous?

In the hands of a skilled allergy specialist, there is little risk involved with these procedures. In the event of a mild or severe reaction, we can treat and mitigate any problems with medications or injections, and provide creams and medications for any sustained reactions you might experience afterward. If you undergo a delayed reaction to the test, it’s important to let your specialist know and see them immediately for treatment in case it becomes severe.

Our ENT specialists can provide comprehensive allergy testing to ensure you don’t need to worry about experiencing an unknown reaction. Testing is only the first step in a treatment plan that can include effective medications and steps to avoid your specific allergens to ensure you stay healthy and reaction-free. Contact us to schedule your consultation and begin your allergy treatment.

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