How to Prevent Winter Sinus Problems

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How to Prevent Winter Sinus Problems

With winter quickly approaching, you can expect a higher risk of certain sinus problems. With the upcoming season, you might experience a stuffy nose with congestion from temperature changes and the common cold becoming more common! There are a few simple things you can do to prevent winter sinus problems from occurring.

Keep your Air Humid

A temperature drop in the winter can result in cold, dry air outside, and heated air inside. The combination of these can dry out your sinuses, resulting in thickening mucus and congestion. This can also result in pain and pressure in the sinuses. To help prevent winter sinus problems, you can humidify the air you’re breathing! This can be done with a room humidifier for your bedroom while you sleep, or using steam from a hot compress or shower to open your nasal passages.

Keep your Hands Clean

Winter marks the peak for common cold and the flu to strike as people spend more time stuck indoors and in closed up rooms. The cold and flu can cause sinus problems like a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, and sinus pain and pressure. One of the best ways to prevent the cold and flu and stop it from spreading is to wash your hands before eating or touching your face.

Keep Sinusitis Away

Sinusitis can occur from inflammation of the sinuses, causing trapped mucus and an obstructed airway. The best way to prevent sinusitis is to keep the nasal passages open. This can be done with decongestants in the form of nasal sprays or pills. However, these should only be used temporarily, or they might actually cause more swelling with prolonged use! Nasal steroids can help a stuffy nose and are available over the counter or with a prescription. Sinus swelling related to allergies can be treated by removing the allergen (such as pet hair, indoor plants, or mold) or by taking an antihistamine allergy medication.

For more information on how to prevent winter sinus problems, or to receive treatment when they do, contact our office in Tuscaloosa! We can provide you with more information or set up your appointment with an ENT specialist.

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