Introducing ClariFix® Cryotherapy: What to Know

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Introducing ClariFix® Cryotherapy: What to Know

If you live with chronic rhinitis, it’s likely that you’ve spent a lot of time sniffling and blowing your nose without much relief. Although you might experience this during a cold or flu, chronic rhinitis can occur on its own and have causes that aren’t easily treatable with medications. At Alabama ENT, we now offer ClariFix®, a cryotherapy treatment performed right on our Tuscaloosa office. Here’s what to know about this exciting new option and how it can help.

What is Chronic Rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis usually comes with familiar symptoms like a runny nose, congestion, and post-nasal drip. This is usually caused by inflammation, but what causes this inflammation isn’t totally understood. Most ENT specialists believe that chronic rhinitis is caused by nerves in the nasal cavity that become unbalanced, sending messages that cause overactivity like your nose is trying to remove infectious bodies (as it does during a cold or flu). If you’re otherwise healthy, constant nasal dripping and congestion can be a sign that you might have chronic rhinitis.

How does ClariFix work?

ClariFix uses cryotherapy to address overactivity in the nasal cavities. This means it uses very cold temperatures to interrupt nerve signals in the nose, reducing the activity that causes dripping and congestion. When the nerve signals are no longer working as they normally do, the nasal cavity stops its activity, reducing your symptoms. During treatment, a specialized handpiece with a wand at the end administers the cooling energy inside the back of the nose. The best part is that ClariFix can be performed right in our Tuscaloosa office and only takes a few minutes.

Does it hurt?

ClariFix is performed using a local anesthetic, meaning most patients only feel some slight pressure in the nose and a gentle cooling sensation. This means it’s a very safe and effective way to address rhinitis with quick and easy treatments.

Does it work?

Most patients see improvement in their symptoms after around two weeks of treatment. In fact, most patients see long-term results with ClariFix, making it a worthwhile investment in your quality of life and chronic rhinitis treatment.

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ClariFix is an exciting and effective new way to treat chronic rhinitis with easy, in-office treatments. The best way to learn more about your options with ClariFix is through a consultation with our ENT specialists. To get started, contact our Tuscaloosa office by calling or filling out our online form.

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