The Difference Between Allergies and a Cold

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The Difference Between Allergies and a Cold

Seasonal allergies can sometimes present themselves the same way a common cold will. If you’ve never had a history of allergies or have been tested, you might mistake your allergies for a cold. To know for sure if you should consider getting your allergies tested in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, here are the differences between some symptoms you may be experiencing.

  1. Occurrence. When you have a common cold, symptoms tend to gradually appear. First maybe a headache and then sneezing, followed by congestion, sore throat or a runny nose. When you have allergies, all of your symptoms will appear at once. Your congested nose, watery eyes and sneezes will occur at the same time unlike a cold where your symptoms do not follow the same timeline.
  2. Duration. If you’re dealing with allergies, your symptoms can last anywhere from days to weeks. The length depends on different factors such as treatment and your exposure to any allergy-causing agents. When you have a cold, your symptoms will generally last anywhere from seven to 10 days.
  3. Time of Year. Allergies are more likely to take place during the spring and fall when the trees and plants are pollinating. You may experience symptoms from winter allergies, however, a cold is more common to present itself during the winter.
  4. Fever. The common cold is sometimes associated with a fever, but seasonal allergies are not. If you are running a fever, it is probably safe to assume you have a cold or the flu as opposed to allergies.
  5. Sneezing. Though sneezing can be associated with both a cold and allergies, typically allergies cause more bother and your sneezing will be more frequent. A cold may cause you to sneeze a couple of times here and there, but allergies will irritate your nose and can cause you to sneeze up to three times in a row.

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