The Other Signs of Hearing Loss

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The Other Signs of Hearing Loss

For the most part, it’s easy to diagnose hearing loss in other people. You probably have an older loved one who plays the TV too loudly or needs you to repeat yourself many times. However, it’s not so easy to understand that you might be going through hearing loss yourself, especially when there are signs other than not being able to hear someone talk. Here are some signs to consider if you think you might be experiencing it or those around you are beginning to question if you are.

You avoid putting yourself in social situations

Although this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with hearing loss, it can if you find yourself feeling awkward or uncomfortable because you have trouble hearing people. If it seems like most people mumble or don’t pronounce things well enough, it can be damaging to your social life and confidence when it seems like you’re always behind on the conversation. If you think this might be the cause of you avoiding social situations, you can schedule a hearing screening to ensure your hearing is functioning properly.

You experience ringing or grey noise

Many people suffer from tinnitus, or constant ringing in the ears, but not many people know that it can come with hearing loss. Because those that suffer from hearing loss don’t experience as much auditory stimulation in the brain, the nerves that connect to the ears can become less active. This can cause them to become more active and send signals that aren’t caused by outside stimulation, which manifests itself as tinnitus.

You’re unable to hear high or low frequencies

The process of hearing loss isn’t always uniform, and many people don’t recognize it when they’re unable to hear certain frequencies. They might not even be aware that they can’t hear them. In this case, a hearing test might be the only way to indicate whether there’s been any kind of hearing damage that isn’t severe but may worsen later on.

You feel tired after listening for a long time

Although this can affect everyone, people that are experiencing hearing loss can be especially affected by auditory fatigue. This occurs when the brain spends long periods of time deciphering auditory stimulation, such as during a conference where many different people speak for long periods of time, or during extended social situations. Because people with hearing loss have to expend extra energy listening and deciphering, they can become fatigued faster than normal.

The signs of hearing loss aren’t always so obvious. Alabama ENT can administer a hearing test and speak with you about your options for treatment, so schedule a consultation with our specialists to get started. For more information, visit our blog!

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