What’s Causing Your Stuffy Nose?

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What’s Causing Your Stuffy Nose?

No matter our age, we will all experience the annoyance of a stuffy nose multiple times throughout our lives. A stuffy nose can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, with a variety of reasons as to what is causing it. Below are three reasons that could be giving you a stuffy nose and tips to prevent it.

Common Cold. The most common reason for a stuffy nose is the common cold. Colds are caused by a large variety of different viruses, thus, antibiotics don’t stand a chance against them. A cold will typically last anywhere from seven to ten days and can be treated with over the counter medication. The best way to avoid a cold is to make sure you are washing your hands throughout the day as well as to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth after you’ve touched objects in public places such as door handles and counters.

Allergies. The number of triggers that can cause your allergies to act up is endless. The most common triggers are dust, pollen, or animal dander. After contact with the allergen, it usually results in a stuffy nose, red and watery eyes and even a scratchy throat. The best way to take care of a stuffy nose caused by allergies is to first avoid the trigger. If a trigger cannot be avoided completely, there are options such as allergy medicine or shots to help control symptoms. Call our office today to find out what allergies you may have and what solution will work best for you.

Sinus Infection. A sinus infection can cause one of the worst stuffed noses you will experience. A sinus infection usually brings throbbing pain behind the eyes, earaches, and a decrease in smell. Washing your hands frequently and a humidifier in your home are both great ways to avoid a sinus infection. If you experience sinus infections frequently you may be the perfect candidate for a balloon sinus dilation.

For more information on how to prevent, or the causes of your stuffy nose, contact our office today!

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