Why A Balloon Sinusplasty Might Be Your Ultimate Solution

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Why A Balloon Sinusplasty Might Be Your Ultimate Solution

Sinusitis is a very common problem that many people experience at least some point in their lives. However, some people suffer from it chronically, and it can be very difficult to live with, especially when it doesn’t respond to medication. A balloon sinusplasty, despite the odd name and even odder technique, can be highly effective for patients suffering from chronic congestion, pressure, and runny nose. Here’s what you should know about this procedure that can get you immediate relief.

This procedure dilates the sinus passages

You’re probably wondering what this procedure has to do with balloons. This technique uses small balloons that are placed within the nose at the sinus openings. They’re then inflated in order to widen the passages and allow for better drainage. Sinusitis often occurs when things like mucus and pus build up within the sinuses and cannot drain out due to an inflamed or shrunken passageway.

You’ll get immediate relief

Often, opening the sinus passages with this technique allows for immediate drainage of the built-up substances. This can be especially great for patients who have been suffering for long periods of time from sinusitis and are unable to find relief from medications. This procedure usually uses a local anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable, and it can take less than an hour, so you can easily fit it into your schedule.

It’s performed in-office with limited downtime

This technique is relatively simple when performed by a trained ENT specialist, and can be performed in our office. Although it might take a day or two to adjust after the procedure, depending on the severity of your sinusitis, you can return to your regular activities immediately. There’s no downtime like with a surgical procedure, and your results are long-term. Just be sure to avoid blowing your nose for the first 24 hours.

If you’re tired of living with sinusitis and are looking for effective, long-lasting solutions, contact Alabama ENT to discuss your sinus dilation options. We can diagnose your symptoms and provide relief with the best procedure for you.

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